Special Inspections

We note that the Firm of Concessi Engineering, P.C., Consulting Engineers, provides Engineering Services for all types of buildings and facilities. The Firm has been in continuous operation as Consulting Engineers since 1970.

Concessi Engineering is certified by the International Accreditation Services (IAS) Certification # SIA-166-NY and is registered as a Special Inspection Agency with the City of New York (Agency # 000540) and are qualified to perform New York City “Special Inspections”. By way of background, we originally applied to the IAS in March 2010 for “Class 1”, and presented our qualifications and submittals to their Agency. They visited our office over a three day period, interviewed our Engineers and Staff and visited representative Projects and witnessed Inspections with our Inspectors and subsequently qualified us and approved our Firm as a Certified Special Inspection Agency.

During the ensuing years, we conducted Special Inspections, including Interim and Final Inspections for Projects throughout the City. Once a year, the IAS personnel again visit our office and review our overall operations, including records, Inspection Reports, instrumentation, and other relative documents. During their visits, several sites are visited and our Inspection procedures are demonstrated on-site; the results of which produce a re-certification by the IAS Agency. This International Accreditation puts us in the “Class 1” category for the majority of our Inspections.

We realize the importance of timely, proper Interim Inspections and Final Inspections to prevent and minimize time delays in Project Construction and Completion. Over our 48+ years of Engineering practice, we have built up a reputation in the industry as being tough and thorough but fair.

We look forward to an opportunity of performing Special Inspections services with your team.

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